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Fri Dec 21 02:52:02 EST 2001

Not sure what you're doing wrong there Jerry. I've recently (yesterday)
updated both plugins and fixed some minor bugs. You can get new versions
(don't forget to remove the old ones) at:

Make sure you drop them in your plugins folder. They may be coming up one on
top of the other?


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I also use your Archive plug-in and it seems to come up instead of the
Proplist plug-in. Could they be named the same or something? OR am I
doing something wrong?


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PropList is a plugin which I find helpful in debugging object behavior.
It will display, side by side, all the properties which can be set for a
selected object. You can load two objects if you like to compare the
settings. Like the Archive plugin, it collapses into a very small window
so it stays out of the way when you're not using it.

It's great for debugging button behaviors, field settings, etc.. Just
find a field or button you like and use PropList to compare it to one
you already have.

It can be downloaded at:

Just put it in your plugin folder. Mac users will probably need to
change the Type and Creator.

-Chipp Walters
Altuit, inc.

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