FW:Re:Building a standalone

Andre Rombauts andre.rombauts at win.be
Thu Dec 20 10:02:02 EST 2001

Andre Rombauts <andre.rombauts at win.be> wrote on 20/12/01 15:19:25:
>Jim Hurley <jphurley at jps.net> wrote on 20/12/01 14:35:26:
>>I tried again to create a Window standalone and yet again received 
>>the message that I needed the  Window engine.
>>I am apparently missing something.
>The window engine is not the application program used when you are developping under the 
>Windows environement (revolution.exe). It is a kind of plugin Revolution needs to build 
>a Windows application. It is downloaded BY the bulid process of Revolution if you check 
>the appropriate box (download necessary engine). Thus you have to be "online" to get 
>that module. 

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