Building a standalone

Jim Hurley jphurley at
Thu Dec 20 08:40:01 EST 2001

I asked in an earlier message whether it was possible to build a 
Window standalone from a Mac. I received a private communication 
suggesting I read the documentation. This was helpful to the extent 
that it confirmed my initial assumption that it was possible to build 
a Window standalone, but it didn't get me any further toward my 

Perhaps I need to clarify my problem. I have a stack created with the 
Mac engine from which I created a Mac standalone with ease; cheers to 
Revolution. I attempted to create a Window standalone in like manner 
but received a message that I lacked the Window engine. So I went to 
the Revolution web site and downloaded the Window engine 

I tried again to create a Window standalone and yet again received 
the message that I needed the  Window engine.

I am apparently missing something.

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