Building a standalone

Troy Rollins troy at
Wed Dec 19 23:19:01 EST 2001

Jim Hurley  wrote:

> I thought this time would never come, but I need to venture into PC
> land. I  have created a stack on my Mac and I would like to build a
> Windows standalone.
> Do I need a PC (or PC emulator) or is there a way to do this from the
> comfort of my trusty Mac?

As David said "OF COURSE you can do it on a Mac". (OK that's kind of
paraphrasing what he said.) Note that you can't make a Mac compatible
version from PC though, just one more reason Mac's are cooler.

But, testing is another case. Obviously you should test on PCs. This can be
done with Virtual PC, certainly at the initial stages - but eventually you
should test on a "real" PC for full assurance of compatibility. Don't
forget, there ARE some specific commands in transcript which are NOT cross
platform compatible.

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