an addition test

Geoff Canyon gcanyon at
Wed Dec 19 16:53:00 EST 2001

At 1:22 PM -0500 12/19/01, Richard Crispin wrote:
>The results I got doing another test including Geoff's suggestion were
>Using Lines: 2781 ticks
>Using Items: 4208 ticks
>Using Replace and Sum: 3 ticks
>Using Repeat for each: 7 ticks

Wow -- I expected "repeat for each" to be much faster than the other repeat forms, but I didn't expect it to come _that_ close to the performance of the sum command.

So, everyone remember -- if you're going to repeat over a bunch of chunks of data, _always_ use repeat for each. If you need to keep track of repeat iterations, put 0 into a variable and add 1 to it each time through.



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