Distribution builder (1.1): folding stacks into mainfile?

Kevin Miller kevin at runrev.com
Wed Dec 19 16:26:01 EST 2001

On 18/12/01 10:05 pm, Andre Rombauts <andre.rombauts at win.be> wrote:

>> they would be built into a single standalone, but they weren't - on Windows,
>> the distribution builder gave me a standalone plus a stack file; on Mac, a
>> standalone and two stack files (i assume that the second is just a bug).
> I noticed the same "problem" indeed.

That one is noted in the product as a known issue.

> I also noticed I got a rev_components folder was created but empty. The
> image I put in my main stack as referenced control was not moved to any
> standalone folder and the application showed a black area instead.
> Run Rev is a wonderfull applciation but we are lacking information... :-(
> For instance, where can I find detailed information about the numerous
> building options?

Working on it...


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