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I'm no expert, but a smart guy I know said that if it's not working in
Active mode you should try setting your FTP server to passive mode. See more

"Basically, FTP works as follows:
1) client connects to server, port 21 (ftp).
2) client sends commands like USER and PASS to login and other things.
3) When client wants to transfer data (for instance, doing an ls or
getting/putting a file) it does this in one of two ways:
 The client sends the server an ip address and port to connect to.
The IP address is presumably its own, and the port is a random one that
the client has grabbed.  So, using active mode, all data connections are
done in reverse... the server connects to the client.  This causes
problems for firewalls, understandably.
 The client requests that the server specify an ip address and a
port to connect to, just as the client would in active mode.  This means
that data connections are made in the same direction as the original
control connection, and so they present far fewer firewall problems."

Though it sounds like you cannot set your server to passive mode.

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Hi all,

In my continued testing of Rev's FTP I have so far been unable to get a file
transfer to a specialized FTP server. Incidentally, I tested with Chipp's
FTP'r mini-app as well but received identical results since at the lowest
level the ultimate command used to accomplish the transfer was identical.

Basically, with these particular servers, the login and password stuff
works, but the transfer never happens. The interesting part is that with
virtually any normal FTP client the transfer works fine, and iShell allows
the transfer seamlessly - using the exact same command structure e.g. Choose
the file, then use the ftp://user:password@ipaddress/filename.extension

Could this be some difference in "active/passive" mode FTP that is
happening? Otherwise what could be different about the way iShell is
handling FTP and the way Rev does?

Thoughts appreciated.

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