How do I set the textStyle from a button?

Chipp Walters chipp at
Mon Dec 17 20:51:00 EST 2001


I tried the following in a button:

global gSelTxt
on mouseDown
  put the selectedChunk into gSelTxt
end mouseDown

on mouseUp
  if gSelTxt is not empty then
    set the textStyle of gSelTxt to "bold"
  end if
end mouseUp

and it still doesn't work...any other ideas?

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At 6:20 PM -0600 12/17/01, Chipp Walters wrote:
>Every time I try from a button:
>on mouseUp
>   set the textStyle of the SelectedChunk to bold
>end mouseUp
>it doesn't work. It turns out that when the button is pressed, the focus
>leaves the field and the selectedChunk is now empty.
>I know this should be easy...

Try capturing the selection information you need in the mouseDown event.



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