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Sat Dec 15 10:27:01 EST 2001

On 12/12/01 5:23 pm, Heather Williams <heather at> wrote:

> I have a stack and I've created a custom menubar for it by using the
> Menu Manager. Now I'd like to add and delete items from individual
> menus, changing things around. Since the menu does not show up now
> for editing in the Menu Manager window,

This is a bug, we will fix it.

> this will have to be done
> manually, probably through the Message box. So, for example, how do I
> put "Save as Text File..." before the "Quit" option in the custom
> "File" menu?

get the text of btn "File"
put return & "Save as Text File..." after line -2 of it
set the text of btn "File" to it

Or run (in the Message Box):

select btn "file"

Then go to object properties and edit the text content using the last tab.

Or select the menu group then edit it, then select the button.

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