Menu Bar

John Cuccio jcuccio at
Sat Dec 15 03:06:01 EST 2001

Mac OS

I have a main stack and sub stacks. I set-up a menubar in the main stack
with the menu manager. I set the sub stacks to use that menu. What I want to
do is when a sub stacks open it shows a menu for that stack only.

If I set all the menus I want to use through the menu manger. then set the
the button style to stanard. The menu will not show in the menu bar. When i
want the menu to show I set the style to "menu". But the menu bar does not
like update. 

My code.
In the main stack "Inventory"
on showmenubar
-- this will set the menubar for recipe
lock menus
set the editmenus of this stack to true
start editing group "invmenu" of stack "inventory"
set the style of btn "recipe" of stack "inventory" to "menu"
stop editing group
set the editmenus of this stack to false
  unlock menus
end showmenubar

I will call this handler before I open the sub stack

I tried it with just the editmenus then added the start editing group. I can
tell that it changes the menubar it just does not update the menubar on the
screen. I still have the old one. If I go to development mode then back to
browse mose then it shows the correct menubar.

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