setting the default folder to the folder where the stack is..

Dave Cragg dcragg at
Fri Dec 14 11:59:01 EST 2001

At 2:04 pm +0100 14/12/01, Sjoerd Op 't Land wrote:

>Note: I wrote "set the itemDelimiter" as "set itemDel", because they're
>equivalent, and it takes MC some piece of time for each char it has process.
>So: "the shorter written, the faster compiled"

About compilation time I don't know, but I think the difference is 
insignificant.  I'm sure it doesn't run any faster. I'd suggest 
writing what's easiest to read.

On the other hand, I prefer "itemDel" as I always forget how to spell 
"itemDelimiter" :)

Dave Cragg

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