How Can I make an animation loop?

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Fri Dec 14 10:41:01 EST 2001

On 1/12/01 4:44 am, Carls <panch_power at> wrote:

> How can I make an animation made using the animation manager loop. I use the
> revPlayAnimation function on preloadstack handler. I tried to do it using
> the send option in the animation manager but it doesn't work.

Select the last key frame and open the triangle at the bottom of the
palette, then switch to the "Messages Sent to Object" tab, then choose
"Message Sent On This Key Frame" from the menu and type in a message, you
can define a handler in the object that causes the animation to go back to
the start and play again.  Its tempting just to put:

revPlayAnimation "test","1"

In that box, but if you do you will get an infinite loop that can only be
exited from with command-period and consequent error.  Instead, you should
include that line in the message handler you place in the object, but also
include a way for the user to exit, such as checking if a key on the
keyboard on the mouse is down.

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