changing a menu

Gareth Jones gslj at
Thu Dec 13 01:25:01 EST 2001

Thanks, Stuart.

As I mentioned, the name of the menu bar doesn't show up in the Menu 
Manager window. However,
your advice about the command-line worked like a charm. Exactly what 
was needed!

-Gareth Jones

>To display an existing menu group in the Menu Manage Window, click the
>"Edit" button on the MM Window and then select the desired menu group from
>the "Edit Existing Menu Bar" window that appears.  I found this a little
>confusing at first myself--I was expecting maybe a "View" or "Select"
>You can also change the contents of a menu button with scripts, treating
>them just like return-separated lists of text in a field. (Just be sure the
>scripts of the menu buttons work with whatever changes you make!)
>Hope this helps.


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