Best way to launch other applications

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You can use either "open process" or "shell()". Shell is useful when you
want Rev to stop in mid-stream and wait until the program is finished. For

on mouseUp
  set the hideConsoleWindows to true
  get shell("C:\myfile.pdf")
  answer "Thank you!"
end mouseUp

This will launch the application associated with .pdf files (Acrobat Reader
or Acrobat) and then wait until that application is closed, effectively
"pausing" the Rev app. Once the app is closed, it goes on to the next line
and answers "Thank you!".

"Open process" comes back after it has executed and moves on (it doesn't

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> What is the best way to launch other applications on a Windows platform?
> I have used "launch filename with appname" with limited success.
> The problems with it are:
> - Only 1 document can be opened at a time per application.  In order to
> open
> a 2nd document, you must quit the entire application and relaunch it.
> - I can't launch Excel files this way after building a distribution.
> They launch
> within the Revolution IDE but not after a distribution is built.
> Thanks in advance,
> Ritch Houdek
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