Find/Replace feature

John John at
Wed Dec 12 17:15:50 EST 2001

On Tuesday, December 11, 2001, at 04:08 PM, Ben C. Fetherston, Jr. wrote:

> I have been attempting to create a script in a database stack that will
> automatically change particular key letter combinations into a word or
> phrase within a field when the field is closed.  I have a script that 
> works
> great with the "replace" command.
> However, the replace command will not "find whole" words, but will 
> replace
> the letters within another word.  The key letter combinations all have a
> space at the end, so the words that get changed that I don't want 
> changed
> are the ones that end in the particular key letter combinations.


      Are the "whole words" also preceded by a space?  If so could you 
pad what you are searching for with a leading and following space?

Just a thought,
John Miskimins

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