Stupid Unix tricks

Sjoerd Op 't Land sjoerdoptland at
Wed Dec 12 13:55:01 EST 2001

Bill Vlahos wrote/ schreef:

> There are some command line programs I would like to put in a nice UI.
> It seems like Revolution would make this pretty easy except I don't see
> in the documentation how to write it. Is there a way to program Rev for
> command line functions directly?
> I would like to send "commands" and read and display the results in Rev
> and would rather not simply AppleScript the Terminal app.
> I only need to do this for Mac OS X but I suspect the principal would be
> the same for other platforms too.
AFAIK, you can use the shell() function on Wintel/*NIX platforms, except
MacOS (X), unfortunately.

> Bill Vlahos
> Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Regards, / Groeten,

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