can a handler find out its caller's value of a local property

Jeanne A. E. DeVoto jeanne at
Wed Dec 12 01:41:19 EST 2001

At 4:54 AM -0800 12/11/2001, Ben Rubinstein wrote:
>Specifically, if I'm writing a library routine which might optionally do its
>work in a case sensitive way, the elegant way to expose this choice would be
>for the library routine to use the value of the 'caseSensitive' property.
>Is there a way in MetaTalk/Transcript to check the value, or force the
>inheritance of, the 'caseSensitive' property?

How about passing the value of the caseSensitive as a (optional) parameter,
and setting the caseSensitive to that value first thing in the called
handler if the parameter isn't empty?

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