How to pass data to a launched process

Gene Kennedy cyberscope at
Tue Dec 11 22:21:01 EST 2001

I have read the Transcript dictionary descriptions of the process-related commands
namely: Open Process, Close Process, Write to Process and Read from Process but do
not have an understanding yet as to how one actually sets up the inter-application

What I'd like to do is to create two applications A & B.  Normally only app A
would be running however under certain conditions I would like App a to open
process B then send it some initialization data.  Then, after process B has done
its work, send data back to process A (or have process a "Read from Process B").
What do you use as a container in each app to send and receive the data to and
fro?  Does anybody have an example they would be willing to share?

Thanks for any help.
Gene Kennedy

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