A very hard Syntax to figure out...

Josh Dye Zzyzx at Relia.Net
Tue Dec 11 19:32:01 EST 2001

    I need a bit of help. Ok, here is the syntax I am looking into...

on mouseup
  set the rect of stack "test1" to screenRect()
  hide stack "test1"
  import snapshot from rectangle the screenRect
  set the rect of stack "test1" to the screenRect
  show stack "test1"
  set the rect of stack "test1" to 300,300,500,500
  --set the name of graphic "image id 1013" to "Test1"
end mouseup

Ok, the line ({[  --set the name of graphic "image id 1013" to "Test1"  ]})
doesn't work. What I want it to do, once it took a picture of the stack is
to set the name of that graphic to a different name. So, when I do it over
and over again, I want it to have a different name every time I do it. I
also want to save it somewhere. One big question... Can you open a graphic
from a syntax command line and have it appear?

What I am basically doing is tiring to get a screen from computer 'B' and
have that picture open up on computer 'A'. I want to send the command to
take a picture of computer 'B' from computer 'A'. I can do the networking
part of that... I don't want anything to change on computer 'B' while I do
this. Anything would be quite the useful thing.

 - Josh Dye

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