Disappearing dialog

Andu undo at cloud9.net
Tue Dec 11 02:06:01 EST 2001

>I have a simple quit script on a mouseUp handler in a button.
>on mouseUp
>  answer "Are you sure you want to quit?" with "No" or "OK"
>  if it is "OK" then
>    quit
> end if
>end mouseUp
>This works like a charm in the Rev editor environment.  However it will not
>work in the Rev player environment.  No dialog appears.  I have checked for
>locked messages, etc. and not got anywhere.

Sounds as if you are running the stack outside the IDE and forgot to move the dialog
stack into the stack - same as for standalones.

>Win ME Rev. 1.1
>Am I simply doing something wrong here or do I need to look further for  a
>bug or other scripting defect?
>Regards Mark

Regards, Andu
undo at cloud9.net

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