Japanese,Chinese and Multi-byte text

rbarber66 at earthlink.net rbarber66 at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 10 16:42:02 EST 2001

Fritz, Stuart, Dave, Scott R.,

In the past week, you have all expressed an interest in or experience with
trying to use double byte texts with Rev/MC. I share that interest and
frustration. I think the Rev/MC people (ultimately Scott of course) are open
to meeting this need if it is seen to be great enough to justify the effort.
If you want to see this ability added to Rev., lets go to the feature
request page on Rev's website and start requesting it. I _know_ there is
greater demand for double byte text handling than a French version... ;)

And to Rev, I would like to say that with your special offer to HC/SC people
to crossgrade, you can expect to see this request more and more. There is a
great market in Japan, and its heading toward RB. MC should claim its share
of this market with its great product. I recognize the difficulties of doing
this cross-platform but it certianly isn't beyond Scott's wonderful
programming ability. I think it has taken a back seat to some features that
were seen as more essential. Perhaps now is the time to reconsider and move
ahead in this area.

Let's let Rev know what the need is and how many of us would benefit from
the ability to use multi-byte text in our apps.


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