Print Screen Command?

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Not exactly sure what you're asking here. But if what you want to know is
how to print out the screen, here's my 2 cents:

--make a window the size of the screen
set the rect of stack "myWindow" to screenRect()

-hide the window
hide stack "myWindow"
--take a picture of the screen
import snapshot rectangle screenRect()
--print the picture
print this card from 0,0 to the width stack "myWindow",the height of stack
--delete the picture , don't need it anymore
delete last image of stack "myWindow"
--resize myWindow to something other than the screenrect
set the rect of stack "myWindow" to 100,100,300,300
--now show it
show stack "myWindow"

I haven't tested this, but think it should work. You may have to move the
stack offscreen instead of hiding it. hope this helps,


to put a copy of the

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    Does anybody know if there is any way for on PC, to tell it to Print
Screen? Basically the same thing as the "Print Scrn" button next to Scroll
Lock. What I want it to do is get the screen of another computer and put it
open that .Jpg or whatever on a different computer. Anything would be quite
helpful! :-)

 - Josh Dye

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