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> The main problem here is that Windows runs it's monitors at 100 dpi (I
> think) and Macs use 72 dpi, so the same size font (in pixels) looks
> differently sized on the different screens.
Yes that´s the f... Win/Mac Layout problem since years...

> As regards the font itself, I prefer fonts like Arial or Times which are
> common to both, but the size may need to be reset for each platform.
Verdana (some more to, have a look at M$ page) is the font especially
designed from M$ for the Screen. It comes with IE so nearly every Mac User
has it on his system to. Be carefully with Arial. Every college Word newby
does "Layout-jobs" with it. So you work could look like newbie layout, even
it´s made professional...

The (small) serif font "Times" is for printing output - not for the Screen.
On the Monitor (max 72dpi) serif fonts are hard to read. If it is smaller
than 12 points its is very hard to read - on a Mac, and uglily on WIN...

I m dreaming of a feature (wishlist was sent to kevin) for a future
distribution builder: a feature that changes the font size "one up" for the
win version and "one down" for a Mac version: f.e. db changes all Verdana 9
to Verdana 10 for Mac standallone)  Maybee this is a unrealistic idea, but
as you (or some of you) know I m not a programmer...

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