Japanese on Revolution

rbarber66 at earthlink.net rbarber66 at earthlink.net
Fri Dec 7 21:20:30 EST 2001

Hi Dave

> In addition to the wrapping issue, you'll have to watch for the
> mac/iso conversions that Rev automatically does in fields when
> changing between Mac and Windows. Japanese text that is Shift-JIS
> coded, for example, is the same on Mac and Windows. But Rev will try
> to convert when you switch platforms. One way round this is to keep
> the text in a custom property and load it into a field when needed,
> on openCard for example.

Thanks for the warning on this. My text files exist as separate files on
disk that I read in. I can follow your suggestion or maybe make
modifications when I read it. Does Rev try to change btn names and labels
between platforms?


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