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Actually, both Mac and Windows use different dpi's for screen resolution. If
you're on a 17" monitor and choose to view at 640 x 480 you get a rather low
dpi (probably around 50 or so) but if you choose a 1024 x768 resolution you
get a much higher dpi.

The difference in the fonts between the two is how the fonts are mapped from
one system to the other. Indeed, you can perform the same script as you
demonstrated if you wish to dynamically scale the fonts. It would be helpful
if there was some documentation regarding how different fonts are mapped on
the different platforms. For instance Windows Arial maps to Mac Helvetica (I
suppose). I hope such documentation exists.


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The main problem here is that Windows runs it's monitors at 100 dpi (I
think) and Macs use 72 dpi, so the same size font (in pixels) looks
differently sized on the different screens.

As regards the font itself, I prefer fonts like Arial or Times which are
common to both, but the size may need to be reset for each platform.

If you use the stack's font, without specifying a separate font for each
object, you can have an openStack script that has something like this:

if the platform = "Win32" then
    set the textSize of this stack to 14
else if the platform = "MacOS" then
    set the textSize of this stack to 12
    -- do something else
end if


> Hi,
> Seeking suggestions re what combination of fonts work on both Mac and
> So far I haven't been able to find a font that works in an application for
> both MAC and Windows without making changes in one or the other.  The
> are mainly in size.
> Mac OS 9.2, Windows ME, Rev 1.1
> Suggestions will be appreciated.
> Regards ... Bob
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