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William T. Simmons tsimmons at
Thu Dec 6 23:11:01 EST 2001

I noticed that sticky mouse phenomenon each time I started the app and told
my ZoneAlarm not to let the app access the Internet. One click of the left
mouse button and it became unstuck. If I did let it access the Internet, the
mouse wasn't sticky. BTW, the screen capture utility you built is great! I
did a couple of test grabs and found the resulting JPEGs to be
indistinguishable from the originals. Very nice...
Tommy Simmons
Employment Law Advisory Network, Inc.

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> Has anyone seen a problem with the armedicon property and a button staying
> "armed" after the mouse has left it?
> You can see what I mean - Check out the stack at
> PC VERSION ONLY (mac isn't ready yet so don't download it)
> and you can see the problem.
> This project is a self updating application which checks the version
> at a server ASP page and downloads. It also has a silent check mode which
> executes after the stack is open for 10 seconds then lights up an
> light if a new version becomes available.
> -Chipp

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