filter command and "not" wildcards

Tom tfseibert at
Wed Dec 5 15:12:01 EST 2001


I love the filter command and keep trying to make it do more.  I would 
now like to use it to "find" all lines that do not contain a certain 
item.  Specifically filtering for the following string "*	3	*"  will find 
any line that has a 3 as the second item (item delimiter defined as a 
TAB), but I can't get a string to work that will "find" all lines using 
the following syntax:
"*	[^3]	*".  Also, is there some type of syntax that will not find 
words like the [^chars] will not find characters?  There are no examples 
of this in the "Regular Expressions Syntax" section.  Thanks.

Tom Seibert

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