Storing Scripts

Matt Denton matt.denton at
Wed Dec 5 02:22:01 EST 2001

Hi List,

I'm trying to work out a way to create a central place to store a series 
of handlers specific to a type of field I have created: the field simply 
automatically opens to the maximum depth, resizes when typed in, and 
closes when you leave the field.

My first idea was to place the handlers in a group.  No good, placed 
other 'group movent' restrictions, but kind of right idea.

Next idea was in the card Script.  No good, this would trap field events 
(openField etc) for fields that I didn't want trapped.

Next idea: Insert Script command. Again trapped events for fields that I 
didn't want trapped.

Of course I could write:

on openField
end openField

on closeField
end closeField


but that would mean updates would require adding to every single field.  
So is there a way to say:

"send all messages for this field to this script".

... sort of an insert script command but at an object level.  I'm sure 
this OO scenario has been worked out, I just don't know how to do it 
yet.. oui [ ] non [ ]?  Group scripts exhibit this behavior; just need a 
group script that doesn't group the object's movement.

Any help would be appreciated.


Matt Denton

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