Mac OS X - QT standard controller acting badly

Kevin Miller kevin at
Mon Dec 3 13:52:01 EST 2001

On 1/12/01 11:11 pm, Jeff Hardin <jdhardin at> wrote:

> I'm new to RunRev, so maybe this has been documented extensively. In
> RunRev for Mac OS X or OS 9, Quicktime 5, Quicktime movies displayed
> on a card have what looks like the standard controller. However, when
> the screen gets updated, or if the movie is played, the controller
> doesn't get updated, gets erased and not redrawn, etc. If one clicks
> in the location where the controller should be, it can receive mouse
> clicks.
> Has anyone noticed this, and, if so, is there some fix? There doesn't
> seem to be a call that services the movies as in some other
> HyperText-based apps.

This is a known issue with QuickTime 5 (documented in the read me file).
We're looking at it.



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