Revolution and XML

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at
Mon Dec 3 05:27:18 EST 2001

on 29/11/01 4:22 PM, Ken Ray at kray at wrote:
> Hey, Ben... can you post your code? It would be a great one to "optimize" on
> the list (just like we did with the "Constraining Movement" thread)...

No objection in principle (when the thing is in a better state) to
distributing the library - and delighted if an improved version results -
but I don't think optimizing the code is really the key thing - as I said,
it's plenty fast (enough for my purposes, at least).  The shortcomings are
more in the shortcuts and liberties I've taken with the XML spec. I think
that kind of improvement is probably better done by people playing with the
stack itself rather than discussing on list.

Before diving into that, I'd like to get the API right.

on 28/11/01 2:25 PM, Kevin Miller at kevin at wrote:
>> (or perhaps this belongs on the xtalks list?)
> It does

I'll post a description of my current API I've got so far on the xtalks list
and see what arises.

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