Serial communication

John johng at
Sun Dec 2 19:28:01 EST 2001

On Sunday, December 2, 2001, at 03:19 PM, Sarah Reichelt wrote:

> Hi Bill,
> I have sucessfully sent & received through a serial port, only with Mac 
> OS
> 9.1 but I don't see why it wouldn't work with OS X.
> The Keyspan adapter allows it's port 1 to be referred to as "printer:" 
> so
> that should work without any problem.

      Having access to a single serial port would in most cases be 
adequate I suppose.  It would be nice (and in some cases necessary) to 
access all of the available serial ports.  This is allowed under 
Windows.  I have seen suggestions that it is possible via Apple Script 
but this seems something of a workaround. Does anyone know if full 
access to all available serial ports is planned in the future for the 
Mac and Linux?  I know that no development environment has everything 
but this seems like a rather basic omission.

John Miskimins

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