Help! I get all digests twice!

Heather Williams heather at
Sat Dec 1 04:02:01 EST 2001

> Aloha, Kevin or List Master:
> Something strange started happening... I get digests for both the improve
> and use rev lists now, daily, and also sporadically I keep getting the the
> notice that I have been subscribed? Again and again?

Well, you will have got a couple of these as we moved the subscriptions for
each of the lists, but if you look at them closely, they should be for
different lists. If not, and if they keep on coming, let me know. Re the
digests, were you getting digest form before or single messages? Which do
you want? You may have been getting some duplication due to the old listserv
still having some messages queued, this should now have stopped.

Please reply direct to me, heather at, and if anyone else is also
experiencing difficulties with the lists, please do the same, after waiting
24 hours to see if the problem goes away by itself. We're ironing out the
glitches, I think we're nearly there now,

Regards and thanks to all for your patience,

> Can you stop this? Thanks!
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