CurryK Addon Update Plans - WordLib, WordReport, SpreadLib etc

Curry Kenworthy curry at
Fri Oct 29 04:56:44 EDT 2021

Here are CurryK Addon Update Plans for 2021 Q4 and 2022!

Getting "back in the groove" finally, after last 2 months.
Been a while since I posted my current plans here,
so this is where I'm at and where I'm headed....

WordLib, WordReport, and SpreadLib updates are underway.

Thanks to those who have submitted bug reports;
we'll have some good fixes, plus general improvements
for LC 8/9 and also on the Mac platform.
(Courtesy of a new Made-in-Malaysia M1 Mac mini.)

Going forward, these libs will have more shared code
and shared backend to facilitate MORE FREQUENT updates :)
and more consistency across the product line experience.

(Shared base was long planned, finally being implemented.
And it's the most important item on my list;
efficiency is the big enabler for all other plans.)

WordLib is currently first in line for release.
Priority #1 can, and sometimes does, change.
But I'm pretty sure it'll be the one.

Hoping to get WordLib out by around CHRISTMAS,
then WordReport/SpreadLib soon after;
they will piggyback on the same backend.

Probably some kind of holiday coupon or bundle.

(I'm not sure yet whether SpreadOut/WordOut
will be updated at the same time as SpreadLib/WordLib,
or next year; we'll see. This is not only
me sharing the plan, it's me fleshing out the plan!
And FieldTrip is not forgotten, nor is it first.)

Then, next year or so, tentative goals:

- MORE FREQUENT addon updates :)
- Next-gen code base for the addons
- Next-gen tools for general LC dev
- Some LC books and/or tool stacks

(I'll explain the next-gen stuff next year.)

And maybe, depending on work priorities:

- More LC bug recipes
- Better LC bug tracking
- Better Addon bug tracking
- New potential LC users

Subject to changes, tweaks, and weather.

Of course, announcing any type of schedule
is like begging for last-minute delays.
But this has been underway for quite a while,
so I think it's likely to hit the mark
for at least the first release by Christmas.

And with that, back to other work!
Y'all have a good weekend....

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

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