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Curry Kenworthy curry at
Thu Oct 28 21:01:55 EDT 2021


 > My one entry into the "bug” poll was to complain
 > about random crashes of LC itself now and then.
 > Not likely to have that solved anytime soon.

It could be! There is de-crashing LC progress, but it's slow.
This year I reported a crash/hang pair, and that's fixed now.

The problem is a solid recipe, as I'm sure you know.
Searching for "crash" in

For a bug that is unusually difficult to recipe,
it requires collaboration (or etc) to pin it down.
That in turn requires some ... discussion.

(Encouraging that discussion would be in LC's own interest;
customers put a lot of unpaid hard work into bug filing efforts.)

I'm taking a rare opportunity to catch up here on the list
after finally getting over COVID (man, it feels good!)
but must dive back into my own client work and addons updates.

However, LC bugs impact both client work and addons updates too,
so it's all related. LC bug time is mandatory either way!
There's no getting around it.

The survey made me realize I need better LC bug tracking tools,
so I can stay on top of the old and new ones, plus rank them.
And follow up on any reports that have lapsed.

So I'm curious: Craig, what was the nature of your crash?
(Or the bug # / discussion link, if that applies.)
I'll keep it in mind, to see if I can help eventually
with the pesky recipes or crash log data.
May take a while, but we can pin down more of these.

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

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