Mudslinging and consequences - a change to our policy

Jeff Reynolds jeff at
Thu Oct 28 10:03:19 EDT 2021

Excellent Martin! My new view on infinity.

Reminds me of a joke the list may appreciate to clean off the mud.

Lady is found dead in the shower and is surrounded by dozens of empty shampoo bottles. Two detectives show up and the first one says “well this is certainly a very odd case”. The second detective replies “well no it’s pertly simple, the lady was a programmer”. The first detective says “how the can you say she’s a programmer with this evidence?”. The second detective says “It’s elementary, read the shampoo bottle instructions, Lather, Rinse, Repeat!” 

Sorry that stupid joke from like 40+ years ago goes thru my head every time I write a repeat loop or contemplate infinity…


> On Oct 28, 2021, at 9:25 AM, use-livecode-request at wrote:
> Hi
> Here is what I do
> Rotate your keyboard 90 degrees
> Press the 8 key
> Rotate yours monitor 90 degrees
> Repeat
> It took me forever to figure that out. 
> Martin Koob

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