Mudslinging and consequences - a change to our policy

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Thu Oct 28 06:44:20 EDT 2021

I very much doubt whether anyone round these parts has ever doubted the 
integrity of the
people who work for LC Ltd.

But that should not blind one in other respects.

There have been consequences of the recent decision to drop support for
an Open Source version of LiveCode: some seemingly positive and some
seemingly negative, and all that will be borne out in good time.

There is also an large difference, as I attempted to point out, between
mud-slinging and a reasonable discussion about what these consequences
might be, how they might affect LC Ltd, the programming "thing" we all
know and love, and us as people who program computers.

My posting was precipitated by someone who did "sling mud" in a way
that would put most people off: and slang mud with no obvious
support or justification. I asked for clarification on several of those
"lumps of mud" (scriptEditor, dictionary, palettes) and go no
explanation back whatsoever: this makes me wonder how, without
any explanations that person expected those "lumps of mud" to stick,
and because of that, the whole exercise just looked like spite on their 

"Thank heavens" does not seem as black-and-white as all that to all
people, and, Yes, a bit of self-examination re one's motivations is
quite healthy on occasion, but so it should be for LC Ltd. as well.

I have used LiveCode for something near to 20 years now, and as anyone who
is not daft knows, have had a "very odd" relationship with the people at
LC Ltd. How much of that is that I'm a "bit odd", how much of it is that 
are not geared up to cope with "odd" people like me, and so on and so forth
I really don't know. But I can say that they have always been very kind and
remarkably tolerant to some of my "odder oddnesses" all things

As anyone who is "rocking around" the Forums can see, at the moment, I am
attempting to contribute 'my bit' by showing how readily LiveCode can be
used to fulfill large parts of the English and Scottish computing curricula
( and, by extension, those of other countries), and I do hope, that after
some of the "dust" has settled . . .


On 28.10.21 13:20, Bernard Devlin via use-livecode wrote:
> Thank heavens this policy change has finally come.  Baseless  accusations
> can end up affecting perception. Surrounded by negative criticism one can
> actually blame LC for defects that exist in oneself.  It has happened to
> me, where I've tracked down the defect in my own work just before I was
> going to write to the list and complain about a defect in LC. IMO the Forum
> is even worse for this behaviour.  I think it's a product of the way Forum
> software works.  People can search for something (not necessarily intending
> any malice), and in their search uncover some past series of complaints,
> and resurrect past complaints which again become the focus of the people
> using the Forum.
> That's not to say there are no defects. There's no software on the planet
> that has no defects. I have had problems where I have been unable to
> provide a recipe for a bug report. I simply couldn't detect a reproducible
> pattern (and sometimes it appears no-one else has seen a particular
> defect). But I understand the absolute necessity for a bug report to have a
> reproducible recipe. In these cases I have to patient, committed and cast
> my net of investigation further until I can find a reproducible pattern and
> it might take weeks or months before a pattern emerges.
> The one thing I've never doubted is the integrity of the people who work
> for LC Ltd.
> On Wed, Oct 27, 2021 at 1:00 PM Heather Laine via use-livecode <
> use-livecode at> wrote:
>> Dear List Folks,
>> This list is intended for users to help each other in the use of LiveCode.
>> Sometimes LC staff get involved and help out here also. It can be a great
>> place to constructively discuss improvements. It is not a place to take
>> potshots at each other, at LiveCode or at LiveCode staff. In the future, if
>> a list member is perceived to be doing this by myself or by a reasonable
>> set of other list members, they will be banned.
>> For the avoidance of doubt, by taking potshots I mean:
>> Accusations of untruths, lying or lack of integrity
>> Persistently pointing out flaws in LiveCode without any positive
>> suggestions on resolution
>> Namecalling of any kind
>> General rudeness - please re-read your post before sending and check it
>> for tone
>> Everyone is entitled to their opinion. What everyone is not entitled to do
>> is express unfounded negative opinions about LiveCode and its staff on this
>> list, which is run by LiveCode, for LiveCode, and for the benefit of
>> LiveCode's users.
>> I trust I make myself clear. This warning will not be repeated.
>> Warmest Regards,
>> Heather
>> Heather Laine
>> Customer Services Manager
>> LiveCode Ltd
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