[OT] M1 Mac Mini USB problems

Bernard Devlin bdrunrev at gmail.com
Thu Oct 28 06:29:20 EDT 2021

I use a USB KVM to switch keyboard, mouse, monitor between M1 Mac Mini and
a PC (the KVM is powered by USB even though it comes with an optional
separate power source).  If there was a general defectiveness in the Mac's
USB support, I'd expect it to appear in this kind of scenario (as I switch
dozens of times each day).  In more than 6 months of usage, I haven't seen
a single problem. Admittedly I haven't (yet) tried mounting an external USB
hard drive.

 A far more frequent problem for me is that the PC network adapter loses
its connection, even though the machine is connected by cable.

Regards, Bernard

On Wed, Oct 27, 2021 at 4:46 PM Ralph DiMola via use-livecode <
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> I am having problems with my new 2020 Mac Mini's USB ports. The new time
> machine disk will only backup a gig or two before erroring out. Then the
> disk is then is not mountable. All sorts of errors when trying first aid or
> trying to mount it via first aid. Sent the disk back and the new one did
> the same thing. I can init it on the win 10 system and then the Mac Mini
> sees it again. I thought it was an unpowered USB-A hub issue. I then got
> the power supply for the hub and same thing. I bought an USB-C hub and
> again same thing. Plugged the Drive directly into the Mac Mini and same
> problems. My USB keyboard/mouse will not work reliably using either the
> USB-A or C hub. It seems that the Mac Mini's USB HW/SW is flakey.
> Has anyone else seen/heard anything like this?
> This is very annoying after dropping over a yard and a half on this thing
> to replace my perfectly running Mac Book Pro so I could upgrade to Big Sur.
> Ralph DiMola
> IT Director
> Evergreen Information Services
> rdimola at evergreeninfo.net
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