LC Bug Survey Metasurvey - Ranking Criteria

Curry Kenworthy curry at
Thu Oct 28 02:16:11 EDT 2021

I liked the Ranked-Top-Ten format of this latest LC Bug Survey.

Now I'm curious: not about WHICH bugs people submitted,
but your CRITERIA for ranking them.

(I assume that's OK to discuss already at this point;
not mentioning any specific bugs or areas/features of LC.)

For me, first I had a prerequisite:

0. Still a reproducible bug in latest LC 965rc2.

(Because I didn't want to waste any of the ten slots
with an open bug that's actually fixed.
Found a few to retest and report if resolved.)

Then, I used three ranking criteria:

1. Is there a good workaround?
2. Severity.
3. How many projects it affects.

(I weighted no-good-workaround highest,
then eyeballed severity and scope equally.)

Wondering whether most people had criteria like this,
or just went from the feel of it.

I would welcome encore future LC Top-Ten surveys!
Maybe I'll make a Bug Ranker stack later to encourage it.

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

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