MacOS 12.x (Monterey) disables the Xcode 12.5 app

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Tue Oct 26 06:00:29 EDT 2021

Hello Henry,

You can have as many Xcode versions installed as you want. I suggest you
create a folder "Xcodes" and put everything in it, after you have renamed
them appropriately (e.g. rename your current Xcode to
LiveCode uses the iOS 14.5 SDKs and some of Xcode's command line tools, so
it will continue to work with Xcode12.5 without any issues, even if
Xcode12.5 itself cannot open on MacOS Monterey.

>>>>Are there plans for LC to update to Xcode 13?
Yes, this will happen probably in the next RC-1 release (9.6.6)

Kind regards,

On Tue, 26 Oct 2021 at 12:54, HENRY LOWE via use-livecode <
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> Updated to MacOS Monetary (12.0.1) yesterday.
> After the update, the installed version of Xcode (12.5) was marked as
> disabled. Attempting to launch Xcode displayed the message:
> "The version of Xcode installed on this Mac is not compatible with macOS
> Monterey.”
> LC 9.6.5 (rc 2) launches and appears to function as before. Despite the
> Xcode app being disabled by MacOS, LC Preferences > Mobile Support shows
> that the iOS 14.5 SDK and simulators are still recognized. I was able to
> compile an iOS app and also run an iOS app in the Code 12.5 iOS simulator.
> I was also able to compile and run a MacOS app.
> So it appears that launching the Xcode 12.5 app (and earlier versions
> presumably) is not supported by MacOS 12.x but LC can continue to use the
> iOS 14.5 SDK and simulators. A Mac App compiled and worked as expected
> (have not tested this MacOS app extensively).
> I use the Xcode app for other work. Are there plans for LC to update to
> Xcode 13?
> Can I have two versions of Xcode installed (12.5 and 13.x) and use the
> 12.5 version for LC and 13.x as the standalone Xcode app? Will installing
> Xcode 13.x overwrite the 14.5 SDK and Simulators supported by LC - even if
> I rename the 12.5 version of Xcode to “Xcode 12.5” and then install Xcode
> 13.x as the default Xcode app?
> Henry
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