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I don't disagree but the point I was addressing was why Hypercard was abandoned, and how this related to the recent changes in RunRev pricing policy. 

Bob S

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>> Or the lesson may be that when a product is not commercially produced, there is no incentive to keep it updated and improve it. The lesson may be that a free mainstream product is an eventually doomed product.
>> Bob S
> Hypercard was commercially produced and updated in the 1990s. 1998 was
> the last update (2.4.1), at the time Apple was planning to integrate
> HC 3.0 on a system level as part of QuickTime 3. HC was still usable
> via "Classic" mode in Mac OSX and available for purchase from Apple
> for $49 until 2004. By 2004 there were a handful of clones available
> all of which had more modern features than HyperCard, including
> SuperCard (which is still available, but is apparently chained to
> Apple's now defunct Carbon API) and MetaCard. Coincidentally (or not?)
> I've gathered that was around the same time that RunRev came to be and
> acquired the MetaCard engine(s). If you consider, which I do,
> AppleScript as a HyperCard cousin of sorts, then HC is still, at least
> residually, ingrained into current versions of macOS. Coupled with
> XCode's interface builder and AppleScript Objective C (ASObjC), or
> not, you can build native mac apps with it. As we are here, people
> still fairly frequently bring up HyperCard, a software package
> introduced 34 years ago, was available for 17 years, and spurred a
> bunch of clones! Pretty darn good for a doomed, free (and then cheap),
> mainstream product, IMO.
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