All software installed, but no QR code scanner on Android device

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Thu Oct 21 07:58:04 EDT 2021

Hi Klaus,

> Am 21.10.2021 um 12:27 schrieb Klaus major-k via use-livecode <use-livecode at>:
> Hi friends,
> last week my customer and me (via TeamViewer) installed the latest Android Studio on my customers machine, which runs Windows 10 64 bit.
> We finally managed this ;-) and tested, she could create an APK which runs fine on her Android device.
> Then we downloaded the neccessary package for the barcode scanner from here
> Got the hint from here: <>
> This should efinitively go into the dictionary!
> And put it in the right place:
> C:/Users/XXX/AppData/Local/Android/Sdk/extras/google/m2repository
> We even restarted LC and her computer, but the now created APK does not show the barcode scanner widget.
> No errors when creating the APK, just no qr code scanner on the Android device.
> When I compile the same stack on my Mac, everything is fine on the device, barcode and all.
> MY APK even runs fine on HER Android device, barcode and all, so it is not the devices fault.
> What can be causing this resp. what else and where should I check on my customers machine?
> Any hints very welcome!
> BTW, my customer is currently using LC 9.4.3 Community Edition.

that is because the Android barcode scanner widget is only available in LC >= INDY! 8-)


Klaus Major
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