All software installed, but no QR code scanner on Android device

Klaus major-k klaus at
Thu Oct 21 07:38:24 EDT 2021

Hi friends,

last week my customer and me (via TeamViewer) installed the latest Android Studio on my customers machine, which runs Windows 10 64 bit.
We finally managed this ;-) and tested, she could create an APK which runs fine on her Android device.

Then we downloaded the neccessary package for the barcode scanner from here

Got the hint from here: <>
This should efinitively go into the dictionary!

And put it in the right place:

We even restarted LC and her computer, but the now created APK does not show the barcode scanner widget.
No errors when creating the APK, just no qr code scanner on the Android device.

When I compile the same stack on my Mac, everything is fine on the device, barcode and all.
MY APK even runs fine on HER Android device, barcode and all, so it is not the devices fault.

What can be causing this resp. what else and where should I check on my customers machine?
Any hints very welcome!

BTW, my customer is currently using LC 9.4.3 Community Edition.



Klaus Major
klaus at

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