IDE crashing on Windows 10

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Mon Oct 18 06:26:54 EDT 2021

The notes for LC 9.6.5 RC 1 indicate NO support for Windows 11 
whatsoever, as it also indicates
no support for any Linux versions since 2016, but is very nearly 
uptodate re Macintosh.

On 18.10.21 12:39, Richmond wrote:
> Last time I looked LC were testing their versions on some fairly old 
> versions of Linux, so this leads me
> to wonder which versions of Windows they are testing on.
> Certainly doing almost ALL of their development work on Macintosh
> [even though I much prefer Macintosh to Windows]
> does seem a bit odd when Windows has a socking great wodge of the 
> market share.
> I have had to get children who have been working with 9.6.x on Windows 
> 8 & 10 to "pull back"
> to the 8.1.x series because of crashing.
> Richmond.
> On 18.10.21 11:29, Bernard Devlin via use-livecode wrote:
>> I am wondering what is unique about my situation that LC is so flaky on
>> Windows.  No other app I run crashes like this.  I honestly don't 
>> believe
>> anyone who was new to LC would continue to use the tool if it crashed 
>> the
>> way it crashes on me.

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