IDE crashing on Windows 10

Bernard Devlin bdrunrev at
Mon Oct 18 04:29:09 EDT 2021

Hi Curry

Thanks. It had occurred to me that it could be the SE bling that was
causing the crashes. So I had switched off almost all of the bling. The
crashes on clicking within the text field stopped after that - only a day
or so now, but I haven't seen that kind of crash since I switched off most
of the bling.

However, yesterday I went to click "File/Save" on the IDE's main menu, and
the IDE crashed (wiping out the work I was just trying to save).  So I'm
not sure if this is the same problem or a different one.  If it had been
the File menu of the SE itself, I might be inclined to think it was the
same bug. But given it was the main File menu, I'm less inclined.

I am wondering what is unique about my situation that LC is so flaky on
Windows.  No other app I run crashes like this.  I honestly don't believe
anyone who was new to LC would continue to use the tool if it crashed the
way it crashes on me.

If I don't get any more random crashes for a few days I plan to re-enable
the bling and see if they return.  I've switched off Geoff's Navigator too.
So now I'm running with just a standard install. If the random crashes
return then I'll create a new user and install a later version under that

I've checked and it's not an out-of-memory situation (the machine has 8gb
and only 75% of that is in use).

Regards, Bernard

On Mon, Oct 18, 2021 at 5:59 AM Curry Kenworthy via use-livecode <
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> Bernard:
>  > I can be in the Script Editor typing away.
>  > I move the mouse to click on another line
>  > of the script. Blammo. LC crashes.
>  > Any idea how this can be pinned down?
> I believe I've seen this particular crash only twice,
> each time an isolated incident with no obvious pattern.
>  > Yesterday I had the IDE crash five or six times
>  > in the middle of editing a script.
> With that kind of recurrence, a recipe should be doable!
> After you finish some work, I would disable any workaround
> and try to keep triggering it to find the problem.
> BTW, what SE "bling" options do you have enabled?
> (I call them "bling": flashy and performance-expensive.)
> I only use Control Structure Completion and Autoformat.
> Colorization is also enabled, it seems OK.
>  > LC 9.6.1
> Have you tried a more recent LC version?
> A few crashes have been fixed lately.
> Probably not this one, but worth a try.
> (And several more are still with us,
> despite the amusing skepticism
> of a few "crash deniers" who later
> casually admit they have crashes too!) :D
> I still need to report another crash/hang pair,
> but they show up on one particular project
> so I'll have to do it when I'm back on that work.
> Hope it happens enough to recipe. (Or not at all.)
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