IDE crashing on Windows 10

Curry Kenworthy curry at
Mon Oct 18 00:58:06 EDT 2021


 > I can be in the Script Editor typing away.
 > I move the mouse to click on another line
 > of the script. Blammo. LC crashes.
 > Any idea how this can be pinned down?

I believe I've seen this particular crash only twice,
each time an isolated incident with no obvious pattern.

 > Yesterday I had the IDE crash five or six times
 > in the middle of editing a script.

With that kind of recurrence, a recipe should be doable!
After you finish some work, I would disable any workaround
and try to keep triggering it to find the problem.

BTW, what SE "bling" options do you have enabled?
(I call them "bling": flashy and performance-expensive.)
I only use Control Structure Completion and Autoformat.
Colorization is also enabled, it seems OK.

 > LC 9.6.1

Have you tried a more recent LC version?
A few crashes have been fixed lately.
Probably not this one, but worth a try.

(And several more are still with us,
despite the amusing skepticism
of a few "crash deniers" who later
casually admit they have crashes too!) :D

I still need to report another crash/hang pair,
but they show up on one particular project
so I'll have to do it when I'm back on that work.
Hope it happens enough to recipe. (Or not at all.)

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