Android SDK install without Android Studio (LC 9.6.5 App Bundles)

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Fri Oct 15 13:41:37 EDT 2021

I don't expect to have my hand held to install, what should be, a
straight-forward set of steps to install and develop for an Android
platform.  HOWEVER, having spent the last several hours searching the
LIVECODE forum, I still cannot find a comprehensive set of installation
steps... which needs to include ACCURATE and CURRENT links to the HUGE
variety of Java SDK/JDK (the Java nomenclature drives me crazy).  Many of
the links to Java v8 no longer work (e.g. reproduced links from Jacque by
user Jellobus on July 24, 2021 @ 6:44am)

I'd VERY MUCH appreciate a comprehensive response to this request.

Douglas Ruisaard
    Trilogy Software
      (250) 573-3935

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I'm glad to hear that.

I don't think my instructions were easy to follow.  AFAIK Klaus was the
only person able to benefit from them unaided. Others I had to walk through
a debugging process as they either couldn't follow the instructions or they
had a new problem which I hadn't yet encountered. TBH I dreaded offering to
help anyone else because it could be a multi-day process.

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> So, we can update the lesson to offer the simpler option as outlined by
> Ralph.
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