Android SDK install without Android Studio (LC 9.6.5 App Bundles)

Ralph DiMola rdimola at
Thu Oct 14 15:03:26 EDT 2021

If you don't want all the weight of the full Studio install you can install
just the build tools (100mb vs. 1gb). Unfortunately the SDK manager GUI is
no longer included with the build tools. The old GUI only lets you install
APIs up to API 29. LC 9.6.5 requires API 30. This seems like Google's push
to get users to download and install the full studio where the GUI now
exists. LC(and some other like dev tools) don't use or need the full studio.
Five simple steps:

This is for Windows but it should be relatively the same for other

1) Download the "Command line tools only" from
2) Unzip into some folder.
3) Open up a command prompt and navigate to the "bin" folder
4) Execute this command. NOTE fill in "somePath" to the location where the
"bin" folder is. (one level up from the folder you navigated to in step 3)

sdkmanager --sdk_root=somePath "platform-tools" "platforms;android-30"

5) Point the LC mobile prefs to the somePath folder

Done. Now build away...

Note: the command 
sdkmanager --sdk_root=somePath --list
Will list all available packages. When LC requires an newer SDK down the
road you will find it in this list.

Ralph DiMola
IT Director
Evergreen Information Services
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