Stack with the same name loop

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Fri Oct 8 12:33:28 EDT 2021

> On 8 Oct 2021, at 16:08, J. Landman Gay via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> Actually I never quit LC. I duplicate the file in Finder and then rename the one I was working on, which is still open in memory.
> I don't often use Save As but when I do I don't see a second copy of the stack. But I did notice once that when manually removing a stack from memory it doesn't always remove the datagrid libraries. I wonder if that's related.
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Me too. In this Particular instance I had made some changes and thought I’d better make it a quarantined version away from the main version. I wish now I’d just do what I normally do and copy paste the code into notepad then make a copy and open that. It’s only because I got stuck in the loop I asked the question. And then got miffed because it’s another one of these things that is known about, fundamental, and still not resolved after 18yrs. 18yrs of pain versus a few weeks or months of work for LC. 


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