Stack with the same name loop

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Fri Oct 8 11:08:11 EDT 2021

Actually I never quit LC. I duplicate the file in Finder and then rename 
the one I was working on, which is still open in memory.

I don't often use Save As but when I do I don't see a second copy of the 
stack. But I did notice once that when manually removing a stack from 
memory it doesn't always remove the datagrid libraries. I wonder if that's 
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>> On Oct 7, 2021, at 5:28 PM, Mark Waddingham via use-livecode 
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>> As I said, this isn't anything to do with 'Save As' specifically - 'Save 
>> As' is doing precisely what you would expect... i.e. Saving the stackfile 
>> to a different file, and just as when you do that in any other application 
>> the filename of the stack changes to be the new filename.
> Hi Mark,
> This has often puzzled me, but when I use 'Save As’ most of the time this 
> leaves me with 2 stacks in memory, which, if both have the same DG in them, 
> is sort of a no-no situation in LC (the IDE cannot distinguish between 2 
> stacks with the same name etc...). Here’s my workflow: generally I append a 
> sequential number anytime I am going to attempt something new or 
> substantial, so I can easily rollback. Say I am working on VER50. I decide 
> to add a new feature but think I may screw it up. In VER50 I rename the 
> stack to VER51 (change the stack name) and then save it using 'Save As' as 
> VER51 (usually in a new folder). In such a scenario I would expect to have 
> 1 stack in memory, now called VER51. But I don’t. I have 2 identical stacks 
> (same # of script lines) one named VER50 and another named VER51. To avoid 
> potential cross contamination I have to quit LC and restart with VER51.
> OR, I could do as Jacque suggests and quit LC, copy VER50 to VER51 on disk 
> and then open VER51. Either way requires quitting and relaunching LC. But, 
> if I was in MS Word and copied an open file from VER50 to VER51 and looked 
> under the Window menu I would see only 1 file named VER51. VER50 is safely 
> tucked away, ne'er to be effected if I screw up 51. I’m not sure if there 
> is a good reason why LC behaves differently.
> Mark
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