On the subject of things with the same short name... ('identical' groups which behave differently)

David Glasgow dvglasgow at gmail.com
Fri Oct 8 05:32:34 EDT 2021

Being essentially a lazy and a sloppy programmer, I made a group which contained a script that caused the group to do what I wanted.  Then I copied it again and again, and grouped the resultant groups.   Rather than adapting the script to be located on the card I just left several identical scripts in groups which have the same short name.  I told you.  Lazy.  However, all groups worked absolutely fine.

I then decided to add a visual effect to the final unlock screen in each instance.  I tried a couple of groups to see how it would look, and I found that it worked perfectly on one group, but not a second, identical(?)  group. 

The script is...

on mouseup

lock screen for visual effect in rect (the rect of the long name of me)

**depending on target object which was clicked, change appearance of group here**

unlock screen with visual wipe right slow

end mouseup


There are no other locks or unlocks.

The weird thing is that the script runs without error in both cases.  The final appearance of the group in both cases is exactly what I would expect.  However, the visual effect manifests itself in one instance, but not the other.  I was bit hesitant about 'the rect of the long name of me’, but as I keep saying, it seems to works perfectly in one case.

Que pasa?

(  Mac 10.13.6 and LC 9.6, if that makes a difference.)

Best Wishes,

David Glasgow
Consultant Forensic & Clinical Psychologist
Carlton Glasgow Partnership
Director, Child & Family Training, York
Honorary Professor, Nottingham Trent University (SOCAMRU)

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